Adrenaline attractions


17 meters long, 14 of which extend entirely over the vineyards of the underlying Piana Rotaliana Königsberg, this attraction was inaugurated in 2023 on Monte di Mezzocorona.

Thanks to the glass flooring on the most exposed part of the platform, you can see and feel the void beneath your feet! From that exact point, there are 648 meters separating you from the ground below.
Additionally, thanks to the tempered glass railing, you will have a panoramic view of more than 180° of the surrounding landscape.
Next to the Skywalk, there is a small amphitheater carved into the rock where you can sit and admire the panorama more comfortably.
The Skywalk is also accessible at night (check the cable car timetable) as the path to reach it (a 5-minute walk from the cable car arrival) and the platform are perfectly illuminated.

Warning: not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo.

Suspension bridge

The suspension bridge on Monte di Mezzocorona, located at an altitude of 920 meters, is another thrilling attraction for adventure enthusiasts.

This suspended path, consisting of a 123-meter-long steel rope bridge, offers you the opportunity to cross the picturesque Val della Villa and test your adventurous spirit, challenging your fear of heights. In its central point, you will have about 120 meters of void beneath your feet!

The attraction is perfect to share with friends or family: the thrill of overcoming the fear of the void will be a unique experience!

The bridge can be reached with a 20-minute walk from the cable car arrival. The path is marked with white and red signs by the Società Alpinisti Tridentini.

Warning: not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo.

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