Some numbers


Double cable car for 7 passengers.
Single-span line with counterbalanced hauling ropes downstream.
Drive and tension station downstream – Unmanned uphill station.

Horizontal distance between cable points in the stationsm 694,60
Elevation difference between cable points in the stationsm 622,97
Slope length of the routem 937,00
Empty car massKg 540
Load7x80 Kg 560 Kg
Full load car massKg 1.100
Counterweight mass of the downstream hauling ropeKg 12.000
Counterweight mass of the downstream traction ropeKg 7.800
Massa contrappeso fune soccorso a valleKg 7.600
Electric drive maximum speedm/sec 7,5
Maximum recovery hydraulic drive speedm/sec 3,0
Maximum speed of emergency hydraulic drivem/sec 3,0



The SAT500 route of Monte di Mezzocorona is particularly suited for attempting to break the world uphill running record as it has an elevation gain of 640 meters and is perfectly connected to the cable car, which can be used for a quick descent. The goal of athletes aiming to break this record is to complete as many ascents as possible in 24 hours without stopping.

Record-holding athletes:
2016: Jimmy Pellegrini 20,416 meters
2017: Andrea Daprai 20,550 meters
2019: Manuel Degasperi 20,865 meters
2020: Daniele Cappelletti 21,723 meters


2024: For the “Tagliato per vivere” project, amputee athlete Alessandro Colombo completed the elevation gain of 8,848 meters, representing the height of Everest, the tallest peak in the world. To achieve this, he ascended the SAT500 trail 14 times so that the sum of the positive elevation gain reached 8,848 meters.

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