Burrone Giovanelli

Via Ferrata
Via Ferrata

The picturesque equipped route climbs from Località Ischia di Mezzocorona up to the mountain and is also ideal for families and beginners: it is the perfect via ferrata for approaching this wonderful outdoor world!

Among ladders, stirrups and safety ropes, you will venture into the folds of the mountain, exploring a canyon of incredible beauty. On the way you will find several waterfalls and fascinating views.

Once you arrive at the Bait del Manzi, you will soon reach the locality of Monte di Mezzocorona.

Starting point: Ischia, Mezzocorona (229 m) (241 m)
End point: Bait dei Manzi or Monte di Mezzocorona (b. 500, 891 m)
Walking time: 2:45 h
Length: 2 km
Height difference: 629 m

Would you like to be accompanied by an experienced mountain guide who can teach you how to tackle a via ferrata? 

Contact the Consorzio Turistico Piana Rotaliana Königsberg at 0461 1752525 or by email info@pianarotaliana.it


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